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Medilinks Inc is a facilitator of specialized Genomic and Genetic testing’s which help and guide
Physicians during patients treatment. Medilinks Inc founded in 2007.

Oncotype IQ

Our portfolio of tests and services is aimed at delivering genomic intelligence that optimizes treatment decisions and outcomes throughout the cancer patient journey.

Over One Million Patients Tested

In collaboration with physicians around the world, we have delivered more than 1 million Oncotype DX tests to cancer patients worldwide since we made our first test available to patients in 2004.

After TAILORx, updated guidelines and HTA body recommendations clearly position
Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score® test as the “preferred” assay



Only assay recognized by NCCN Guidelines to predict adjuvant chemotherapy benefit and the only assay classified as the “preferred” multigene test in node-negative patients with HR-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer1



With the results of TAILORx, only Oncotype DX® has sufficient evidence to guide adjuvant chemotherapy decisions in patients with early-stage, node-negative, invasive
breast cancer2



Only test considered to predict chemotherapy benefit, therefore providing a cost-effective option in patients with early-stage, node-negative and micrometastatic
breast cancer3

St Gallenb,c

The multi-gene assay endorsed by most
panelists for guiding treatment decisions on adjuvant chemotherapy both in node-negative and in node-positive early breast cancer4


May be used to guide decisions on adjuvant systemic chemotherapy in node-negative patients with ER-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer5


May be used to gain additional prognostic and/or predictive information to
complement pathology assessment and to predict the benefit of adjuvant chemotherapy6

“Oncotype DX assay, only test with evidence for additional benefit in guiding treatment
in early HR+, HER2-, N0 breast cancer”, IQWIG Press Release, Sept. 20182
The Oncotype DX test helps identify patients who will benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy, or not
3 pieces of information provided by the test
What is the
Recurrence Score result
of your patient?
What is the distant
recurrence risk at 9 years
of your patient?a
What absolute
chemotherapy benefit
can we expect for your

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Medilinks Inc is a facilitator of specialized Genomic and Genetic testing’s which help and guide Physicians during patients treatment.

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