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  1. For patients outside Mumbai, we can arrange pickup of the tissue specimen via our Contracted Courier company after your Email request.
  2. For patients in Mumbai, we will arrange the pickup of the tumor tissue block/Specimen via our Representative.
  3. Prepaid courier will be arranged by Medilinks. Patients do not have to pay any courier charges since all courier charges are prepaid by Medilinks.
  4. Report will be released directly to your physican within 15 days from the date of specimen couriered to Genomic Health® laboratory in the USA.
  5. This is to bring to your kind attention that, during transit Domestically & Internationally if the patients specimen is delayed, damaged, spoiled, or lost then Medilinks Inc., will not be responsible for the same.
  6. Cost of the Oncotype DX Breast Recurrence Score test is INR 3,20,000/-. (Indian Rupees Three Lakh Twenty Thousand only). This cost is complete cost of the test there is no break-up.
  7. Payment should be made in full within 2 days from the date of specimen courier to Genomic Health Lab USA. Part payment will not be accepted.
Account name : Medilinks Inc
Bank Name : HDFC Bank
Account No : 03572560001098
HDFC Branch : Dr. Shapoorji Pallonji Building,
Near. KEM Hospital,
Opp. BATA Showroom,
Parel, Mumbai - 400012 India.
  1. If you are willing to pay via credit card, then you will have to pay 3% in addition to INR 320,000.00 (INR Three Lakh Twenty Thousand only) test cost.
  2. Report may delay for any reasons. We will keep you posted in a timely manner. Report may be delayed due to late payments as well.
  3. All submitted paraffin blocks to us will be returned to the patient once the test result is released.
  4. Unstained slides which is made by us or by patient’s hospital lab for testing will not be returned back to patient
  5. Please note, we require only Paraffin embedded tumor tissue block or 15 unstained slides using charged slides. Kindly refer Histopath slide preparation guide attached herewith
  6. In case if test fails due to any reason and you are not willing to retest then only 97% refund will be made within 10 days from the date of your confirmation via email that you are not interested in retest again.
  7. Report will be directly released to Ordering Physician Portal only, Report soft copy will not be sent to the patient
  8. In case situation arises to send Tumor tissue block then you will have to pay in advance INR 5000.00 (INR Five Thousand Only) per tumor tissue block to release these blocks from Indian Custom department in case the same get stuck in custom.

For any queries please contact Medilinks Inc. Customer Service, Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm
+91 22 49203000/1/2 / +91 8080901234.
Email: csmedilinks@medilinkinc.com

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