Oncotype DX for Colon Cancer

Providing a Clearer Picture of Colon Cancer Recurrence Risk

The Oncotype DX colon cancer test is a multi-gene test for predicting recurrence risk in patients with stage II and stage III A/B colon cancer to enable an individualized approach to treatment planning.  By evaluating specific genes within a patient’s colon tumor, the test can determine the likelihood that the cancer cells will spread and cause the disease to recur, or return after surgery. Based on this information, physicians and patients can make a more informed decision about whether or not chemotherapy is needed following surgery (stage II) or whether or not oxalipatin should be added to the chemotherapy regimen after surgery (stage III).  In this way, the test may help some patients avoid the complications of treatments they do not need, while directing others to the therapy that is most likely to benefit them.  The Oncotype DX colon cancer test is supported by three rigorous clinical validation studies confirming the test’s ability to provide additional and independent value beyond the currently used measures for determining colon cancer recurrence risk.

The Oncotype DX colon cancer test is a covered benefit for Stage II colon cancer patients through Palmetto GBA, the national Medicare contractor for Genomic Health. In addition, Genomic Health is an in network laboratory provider for greater than 90% of commercially insured lives.